This is the new masterpiece composed and directed by the great Italian Maestro and performed by the Nuova Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra with the incredibly beautiful voice of one of the greatest Mediterranean folk singers, who also co-wrote one of the three brand new compositions of this deep and intense suite. It’s a work of art which spans from classical to experimental, breaking all boundaries and mixing different languages.

Murtas and Morricone met in 1974; at that time the Maestro was producing for RCA an album dedicated to the Greek dissident poet Alexandros Panagulis, and the young but promising Sardinian folk singer was one of the three vocalists involved. During the same year the great composer himself gave Murtas the chance to sing on the soundtrack he had composed for a movie directed by Giuliano Montaldo, L’Agnese va a morire.

So, when the singer asked Morricone to arrange for her Deus Ti Salvet Maria, the ancient Sardinian Ave Maria , he agreed with pleasure. His only condition was to go out of the tradition and find a new way to orchestrate the poem, building around it a suite inspired by improvisation, curiosity and invention, as he tells in the exclusive interview by journalist Maria Paola Masala featured in the CD booklet.

Given the importance of such a release, the label Teatro del Sole have decided to produce a limited, numbered edition of 2000 copies, featuring an elegant 32-page booklet with original notes, an exclusive interview with Morricone, a diary of the recording sessions written by Murtas and plenty of astonishing black and white pictures of the musicians in the studio.

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