Research Topics

The main research themes of the lab include

Abiotic (drought and salt) and biotic stress (yellow rust disease) tolerance in cereals mainly wheat and barley.
Molecular breeding: identifying DNA markers for marker assisted selection.
· Plant genetic resources at molecular level and association mapping.
Corresponding studies of the lab are based on advanced technologies at molecular level such as PCR based DNA markers (SSR, AFLP, RAPD, SCAR, RGA, SRAP, ISSR etc.), quantitative gene expression analyses (real-time PCR), cloning and characterization of interested genes.

Lab People

    Prof. Dr. Ahu ALTINKUT UNCUOGLU, Head of Research Group

    Assoc. Prof. Funda SENTURK AKFIRAT (Gebze Institute of Technology), Visiting scientist

    A. Umut TUYEL, PhD student

    Ezgi CABUK SAHIN, PhD. student

    Mehmet AYDEMIR, MSc. student

     Seren METE, MSc. student

    Alimu ABUDULI, MSc. student

            Dr. Ehsan VALIOLLAHI (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran), Post-doctoral researcher

Post doctoral work: Identification of Abiotic-responsive microRNAs in Solanum lycopersicum by Stem-loop qPCR

Former Lab Members  

        Aral KALENDEROGLU (Undergraduate student of Bioengineering Department)

Graduation Thesis: Determination of resistance to downy mildew in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) by marker assisted selection with the support of  TUBITAK 2241A Fellowship Program

    Dr. Sandeep KUMAR VERMA (Devi Ahilya University-Indore, India), Post-doctoral researcher (TUBITAK BIDEB Fellow)

    Tulin TASCIOGLU, MSc.


Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, TAGEM

Field Crop Research Institute (Dr. Z.MERT, Dr. K. AKAN, MSc. L.CETIN)

Anatolian Agricultural Research Institute (Dr. N. BOLAT, MSc.O. YORGANCILAR, MSc. Y. DUMAN)

Trakya Agricultural Research Institute (Assoc. Prof. Y. KAYA)

Atatürk Central Horticultural Research Institute (MSc. E.KAYA) 

Marmara University, Department of Biology (Assoc. Prof. Y. AYDIN)

Namik Kemal University

Faculty of Agriculture, Dept of Field Crops (Prof. Dr. M. TUNA)

Faculty of Agriculture, Dept of Agricultural Biotechnology (Prof. Dr. S. ARAT)

Ankara University, Biotechnology Institute (Prof. Dr. A. ERGUL)

 TUBITAK MRC, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute (Dr. O.KARAKAŞ METIN)


 Kafkas University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Bioengineering (Assoc. Prof. M. SAKIROGLU)