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Marmara University

Faculty of Engineering,

Environmental Engineering Department

34722 Goztepe, Istanbul, Turkey

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Bogazici University, Environmental Technology, Istanbul, Turkey



Marmara University, Environmental Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey



Marmara University, Environmental Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey



Professional Experiences


Marmara University, Environmental Engineering Dept., Istanbul, Turkey


Associate Prof.

Marmara University, Environmental Engineering Dept., Istanbul, Turkey



VITO, Mol, Belgium


Assistant Prof.

Marmara University, Environmental Engineering Dept., Istanbul, Turkey


Research Assistant

Marmara University, Environmental Engineering Dept., Istanbul, Turkey



Selected Publications

Tugtas AE. , Cavdar P., and Calli B. 2011. Continuous flow membrane-less air cathode microbial fuel cell with spunbonded olefin diffusion layer. Bioresource Technology 102:10425-10430.

Cavdar P., Yilmaz E, Tugtas AE., and Calli B. 2011. Acidogenic fermentation of municipal solid waste and its application to bio-electricity production via microbial fuel cells (MFCs). Water Science & Technology 64(4):789-795.

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Enve 330 Solid Waste Engineering

Enve 303 Environmental Engineering Microbiology

Enve 424 Anaerobic Treatment

Enve 737 Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production

Enve 430 Hazardous and Special Waste Management

Enve 822 Waste Recovery

Enve 849 Advanced Anaerobic Treatment



Pelin Çavdar (PhD Student)

Serkan Akbulut (PhD Student)

Burcu Yazıcı (PhD Student)

Alper Bayrakdar (PhD Student)

Ayşe Şeyma Kurdoğlu (MSc Student)

Şeyma Taşkan (MSc Student)