ENVE 3003

Environmental Engineering Microbiology



Experimental Design Homework


Lecture 1: Microorganisms and Microbiology

Lecture 2: A Brief Journey to the Microbial World

Lecture 3: Cell Structure and Function in Bacteria and Archaea

Lecture 4: Nutrition, Culture, and Metabolism of Microorganisms

Lecture 5: Microbial Growth

Lecture 6: Phototrophy, Chemolithotrophy, and Major Biosyntheses

Lecture 7: Catabolism of Organic Compounds

Lecture 8: Bacteria &Archaea

Lecture 9: Methods in Microbial Ecology

Lecture 10: Major Microbial Habitats and Diversity

Lecture 11: Nutrient Cycles, Biodegradation, and Bioremediation

Lecture12: Microbial Growth Control

Lecture13: Water and Wastewater Treatment and Waterborne Microbial Diseases