Assistant Professor

Marmara University
Engineering Faculty
Computer Engineering Department
Goztepe Campus Kadikoy/ISTANBUL

Tel: +90 216 348 02 92 (259)
+90 216 347 28 59

e-mail: fatma.ergin @ marmara.edu.tr


2005-2012 PhD, Istanbul Technical University, Computer Science

Thesis: Survivable Virtual Topology Design in Optical WDM Networks Using Nature Inspired Heuristics

2002-2005 MS, Marmara University, Computer Engineering

Thesis: Parallel Heuristics for Location Management in Mobile Network

1997-2002 BS, Marmara University, Computer Engineering


2013 - ... Assistant Professor, Marmara University, Computer Engineering

2002 - 2013 Teaching Assistant, Marmara University, Computer Engineering


Data Structures

Software Engineering

Operating Systems

Computer Organization



Introduction to Computer Engineering

Principles of Programming Languages


Systems Programming - Spring 2017

Optical Networks

Data Structures


Evolutionary Algorithms

Nature Inspired Algorithms

Optical Networks

Virtual Topology Design

Optical Network Survivability


Parallel Algorithms


Fatma Corut Ergin, E. Kaldırım, A. Yayımlı, A. Ş. Uyar, Ensuring Resilience in Optical WDM Networks With Nature-Inspired Heuristics, Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol. 2 Issue 8, pp.642-652, 2010. You can get the test data used in this publicaiton.

H. Topçuoğlu, Fatma Corut, M. Ermiş, G. Yılmaz, Solving the uncapacitated hub location problem using genetic algorithms, Computers & OR, Vol.32, pp.967-984, 2005.

Conference Proceedings

Fatma Corut Ergin, A. Yayımlı, A. Ş. Uyar, Survivable Cross-layer Virtual Topology Design using a Hyper-heuristic Approach, ICTON 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, Jun. 26-30, 2011, (Invited Paper).

Fatma Corut Ergin, A. Ş. Uyar, A. Yayımlı, Investigation of Hyper-heuristics for Designing Survivable Virtual Topologies in Optical WDM Networks, EvoStar - EvoCOMNET 2011, Torino, Italy, Apr. 27-29, 2011.

Fatma Corut Ergin, E. Kaldırım, A. Yayımlı, Ş. Uyar, Performance Analysis of Nature Inspired Heuristics for Survivable Virtual Topology Mapping, IEEE GLOBECOM 2009, Hawaii, USA, Nov. 30-Dec.4, 2009.

E. Kaldırım, Fatma Corut Ergin, Ş. Uyar, A. Yayımlı, Ant Colony Optimization for Survivable Virtual Topology Mapping in Optical WDM Networks, ISCIS 2009, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Sept. 14-16, 2009.

Fatma Corut Ergin, Ş. Uyar, A. Yayımlı, An Evolutionary Algorithm for Survivable Virtual Topology Mapping in Optical WDM Networks, EvoStar - EvoWorkshops 2009, Tübingen, Germany, April 15-17, 2009.