Dr. Haluk Topcuoglu received M.S. degree and B.S. degree in computer engineering from Bogazici University in 1991 and 1993, respectively. He received Ph.D. degreee in computer science and engineering from Syracuse University in 1999. Dr. Topcuoglu has been at Faculty of Engineering,  Marmara University since 1999 where he currently is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering.

His research interests  mainly focus  in two folds:
* Scheduling and Mapping for Multicore Architectures,  Parallel Algorithm Design, Reliability Issues for Multicore Architectures, Fault Tolerant Computing.
* Dynamic Optimization Problems, Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms and their applicability on various domains,  Hyper-Heuristic Techniques.  

Dr. Topcuoglu has received the 2008 IBM Faculty Award.  The IBM Faculty Awards  are  competitive worldwide awards that foster collaboration between researchers at leading universities worldwide; and it also promotes courseware and curriculum innovation. Dr. Topcuoglu also received  Best Paper Award at IEEE ISDA (Intelligent System Design and Applications)  in 2010.  His research was recognized by Marmara University with the  University Publication Impact Award in January 2012. 

He is an editorial board member of   Cluster Computing Journal (SCI-Expanded Journal) and he  has been serving as reviewer on leading journals  including IEEE TPDS, JPDC,  IEEE TEC, Information Science, EJOR, Journal of Heuristics and conferences including IPDPS, HPDC,  GECCO, EVOCOP conferences.


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