Small Simple Safe -- SSS

SSS is a simple tool for handling classes and objects. You can load Java classes and immediately build objects using public constructors. Public methods can then be invoked by a single click. The results are displayed in the gray message area and in Java Console, which may be kept open.
SSS allows very quick access to public methods in any class. It has nothing to do with Java syntax. You can test a class just by clicking and without writing test code.
You see two lists on the Applet picture at the right. One shows classes and objects, the other shows public members of the selected class or object. Four classes (String, DemoMenu, Factory, Small) and four objects (MSG, pi, s, frm) are shown in the picture.

SSS can be used in two modes:

  1. You may click on the Applet button and SSS runs immediately as an applet if your browser supports JVM 1.3

  2. You may download the jar file and run SSS as an application prgram


Get Firefox!

This is a picture of the applet screen

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