Instructor    : Zehra Semra Can (Professor)

Office          : MB-543

Phone          : 216 3480292 Ext. 271

e-mail          : zehra.can@marmara.edu.tr

Assistant     : Zeynep Yücesoy Özkan

e-mail          : zeynep.yucesoy@marmara.edu.tr




1.     Introduction

Water and Wastewater Treatment Problems

2.     Carbon Adsorption

a)     Adsorption Phenomena

b)     Adsorption Equilibria and Equilibrium Isotherms

                                     i.    Adsorption Equilibrium Examples

c)     Adsorption Column Design

3.     Ion Exchange

a)     Ion Exchange Theory

b)     Ion Exchange Process Configurations

c)     Ion Exchange Design Procedures

4.     Aeration, Absorption and Stripping

a)     Henry’s Law

b)     Two-film theory

c)     Ammonia Stripping

d)     Aeration and Determination of Aeration Parameters

5.     Principles of Disinfection

a)     Principles of disinfection

b)     Disinfection kinetics

c)     C.t concept

d)     Ozonation

6.     Chemical Precipitation

a)     Sulfate Removal from Industrial Waters

b)     Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater by Chemical Precipitation

c)     Lime Soda Ash Softening