CSE 123



            Instructor   : A. Evren TUGTAS (Assist. Prof.Dr.)

            Office          : MC-119

            Phone         : 216 3480292 Ext. 519 (Office)

            e-mail          : evren.tugtas@marmara.edu.tr


           Course Description: This course focuses on computational methods for engineering and scientific applications. Emphasis is focused on the use of spreadsheet for data analysis and use

           of a programming software to solve problems.  Assignments cover programming concepts, data analysis and selected advanced topics. The Visual Basic programming language is used.

        B.    LECTURES


Lecture 1: Entering and Editing Worksheet Data and Data Validation

Lecture 2: Creating Charts with Excel and Working with Formulas and Functions

Lecture 3: Matrix Operations

Lecture 4: Linear Regression/Curve Fitting and Statistics Functions/Iteration, Analysis Toolpak, Goal Seek, Pivot Tables, External Data Sources

Lecture 5: Programming with VBA (Recording and Running Macros)

Lecture 6: Programming with VBA (Projects, forms, modules, variables, flowcharts)

Lecture 7: Array Variables in VBA Quick look at Functions

Lecture 8: Decision Structures (Go-To Statement, If-Then Structure, Select Case Structure)

Lecture 9: Loops (For-Next, Do-While, Do-Until)

Lecture 10: Dialogue boxes and User forms  

Lecture 11: Programming with Arrays

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