Instructor       : NESLİHAN SEMERCİ (Assistant Professor)

Office              : 644

Phone             : 216 3480292-292

e-mail              : neslihan.semerci@marmara.edu.tr


LECTURE 1:          Review of pipe flow: Friction Losses (Darcy-Weisbach, Manning, Hazen-Williams equations, Moody Diagram, Minor Losses)

LECTURE 2:          Pipelines and Pipe Networks-I (Pipelines connecting two reservoirs; Solution procedures for Type I, Type II, Type III problems)

LECTURE 3:          Pipelines and Pipe Networks-II (Series, Parallel and Branch Piping, method of equivalent pipes)

LECTURE 4:          Pipelines and Pipe Networks-III (HARDY-CROSS METHOD)

LECTURE 5:          Negative Pressure in Pipelines and Pumps

LECTURE 6:          Water Hammer Phenomenon in Pipelines, Surge Tanks

LECTURE 7           Pumps, energy equation with pumps, pump curves, pumps in parallel, pumps in series

LECTURE 8:          Similarity laws for pumps, cavitation in pipelines and in pumps, NPSH (net positive suction head)

LECTURE 9:          Water flow in Open Channels:  Flow classifications, uniform flow, energy principles, Froude number

LECTURE 10:       Hydraulic jump, gradually varied flow, classification of gradually varied flows

LECTURE 11:       Computation of water surface profiles (Standard Step method)

LECTURE 12:       Water pressure, velocity and discharge measurements in pipes

LECTURE 13:       Discharge measurements in open channels (Sharp crested weirs, broad crested weirs, venture flumes)

Computer Project 1, Computer Project 2, Computer Project 3


Formula Paper

Explicit Equations for Friction Factor